The climate services community faces two key challenges: the need to support the development of climate services, and the development of methods and criteria that favour the quality assessment of the different components of a climate service to assure that it is trustworthy. 

Climateurope2 addresses these challenges by formulating recommendations to standardise the service practices, as well as engaging and supporting the climate services community, taking stock of what has been developed so far. The project also enhances the uptake of quality-assured climate services to support climate adaptation and mitigation. 

Standardising climate services

Climateurope2 will:

  • Estimate the maturity of the climate services components
  • Work towards the standardisation of climate services components and the interoperability of the standards
  • Develop a quality management approach for the verification of climate services

Supporting the climate services community

Climateurope2 will:

  • Sustain a community of European climate services actors, including underrepresented groups
  • Develop an interactive platform and support service
  • Integrate ethical, political, anthropological and sociological perspectives from social sciences and humanities

Increasing the uptake of climate services

Climateurope2 will:

  • Increase the uptake of quality-assured climate services to support climate adaptation and mitigation
  • Develop a strategy for the accreditation of climate services
  • Provide recommendations for improving tools to enhance the salience, credibility and legitimacy of climate services
  • Promote trust between supply and demand
  • Assess current business models and the scalability of market solutions