The Climateurope2 platform ensures that good practices, guidelines, and capacity-building materials are widely available and easy to find during and after the project’s lifetime. The platform also has a community engagement component that allows audiences to reach consensus on the topics tackled by the project.

The Climateurope2 platform offers three main capabilities: Co-create, Explore and Connect.

Co-create knowledge: the platform has a community engagement component that allows registered users to provide feedback on the documents shared with the community, contributing to their revision and improvement. The platform triggers focused discussions with the wider expert community on climate services and the standardisation of their components. This is done through the sharing of early versions of project documents, allowing registered users to collaborate and enable the co-production of knowledge, aligning with open science practices. The open sharing of results (offering different access levels for registered and non-registered users) ensures the involvement of all relevant and interested actors, including the climate services community but also other actors and communities like citizens and the civil society with the final aim to build consensus.

Explore documents: the platform also provides an interactive and user-friendly repository where information about good practices, recommendations, vocabularies and standardisation processes for climate services is shared. Platform visitors can explore the available resources that are easily discoverable, ready to use, and easy to reference. This section also integrates a visual analytics dashboard, that can be used to track the public debate and professional stakeholder communication on climate services.

Connect with the climate services community: the platform facilitates connections among climate services actors (registered member of a network built and nurtured by Climateurope2).

Check out the beta version of the Climateurope2 platform and leave your comments and feedback, which will be key to improve the next stable version of the platform.

For an overview, watch the video of the platform:

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