Key Messages

Each year, Climateurope2 formulates key messages in the process of identifying recommendations for the standardization of climate services, which will enable the development of quality-assured and easy-to-access climate services, as well as the creation of an equitable community.

Standardisation refers to the process of building consensus across stakeholders, coordinated and structured by a legitimate standardisation body and leading to standards and guidance documents that benchmark products, processes, and services. The following key messages, emerging from Climateurope2 ongoing work on standardizing climate services and building an equitable community, provide the current knowledge to identify an optimal strategy for benchmarking climate services and the most urgent recommended next steps. As Climateurope2 advances in identifying the opportunities and maturity for standardizing climate services, which aspects should not be standardised and how to ensure equity, these key messages will be updated annually. The result will be handed over to European standardisation bodies and relevant organizations.