European Committe for Standardisation CEN/TC-467 meeting

Climateurope2 was presented at the 9th meeting of the CEN/TC-467 working group.

CEN/TC 467 is the Technical Committee of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) that addresses standardisation in the field of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, including related social and economic aspects. 

At the 9th meeting of the CEN/TC-467 working group, Ángel G. Muñoz (BSC) presented Climateurope2 describing the nature of the project and consortium, as well as its goals in terms of supporting and standardising climate services in Europe and beyond. Jorge Paz (Tecnalia) also participated in this meeting. 

By participating in standardisation initiatives related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, the project team maps and analyses the current landscape of activities related to climate services and proposes a framework to advance in their standardisation that will be presented in the first deliverables of the project. The team is also following other initiatives at international and national level with the aim to approach the broad standardisation and climate services community.

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