As part of the Climateeurope2 project, the Center for the Promotion of Science started the Traveling Climate Action - Roadshow, which promotes climate services through art and science at 10 locations in the Southeast European region. The traveling climate action was carried out in the first two locations in the area: in Rijeka (Croatia) and Tirana (Albania), from June 19 to 25, 2024.

Using climate data in an effective and timely manner is key for the green recovery of our environment. Climate services allow us to use climate data for informed decision-making, to reduce certain risks, and to better adapt to climate change.

Within the Climateurope2 project, the Center for the Promotion of Science is working on the formation of a community of users of climate services. To present and promote climate services, the Center organizes public programs, such as the Traveling Climate Action - Roadshow, dedicated to climate research in Southeast Europe. This innovative approach should help expand the climate services community in this currently underrepresented region of Europe.

Climateurope2 Traveling climate action – Roadshow will take place in a total of 10 locations in Southeast Europe, and the first five will be implemented in 2024 (Rijeka, Tirana, Kotor, Sarajevo, Skopje). The goal of this action, which represents a combination of science and art, is to raise awareness about the role of climate services, as well as to acquaint citizens with scientific facts about climate change. The first in a series of events was realized, from June 19 to 21, in Rijeka, in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics of the University of Rijeka, while the event in Tirana, which took place on June 24 and 25, was the result of the cooperation of CPN with organizations Serbian Gaming Association and Albanian Gaming Community from Tirana.

The Center presented its famous immersive art installation "Climate Capsule" to the audience in Rijeka and Tirana, as well as the winning project of the Climateurope2 open art+science call called M1L3NɅ, which gives each visitor a personal prediction of the future in the context of climate change. The "Climate Capsule" was exhibited at Korzo Rijeka, as well as at the Faculty of Physics in Rijeka. At the same time, in Tirana, the public could see the Capsule at the Agimi Art Center and the Coolab premises.

In addition to art installations, an informal poetic dialogue between poet Ljiljana Ilić and climatologist Prof. Dr. Vladimir Đurđević promoted an open public call for climate action in Southeast Europe through poetry and photography. Applications for the call are still open, and you can submit your artwork via the following link.

In addition to immersive artworks, poetry and photography, local partners and the Center also organized panels on climate services, which brought together those interested in using climate information for smart decision-making. The themes discussed at the panel were diverse, including local problems concerning climate and climate services such as features of wind, precipitation, hail and lightning, the importance of long-term monitoring of climate change, modeling of the Adriatic climate, climate background of the local hydrometeorological institute for users and decision-makers, as well as multidisciplinary research on the deposition of desert dust in the Adriatic.

The entire event in Rijeka and Tirana was visited by more than 60 visitors coming from the world of science and art, the private and public sectors, as well as from the non-governmental sector and civil society. Through connecting science and art, exhibiting art installations, artistic performances and climate panel discussions, the Center for the Promotion of Science launched the promotion of climate services to expand the community of their users. Anyone can be a part of this community through the following link and participate in future Traveling Climate Action events and programs.

The Center for the Promotion of Science will visit eight more locations, and the next two are Kotor, Montenegro (from 12th to 15th August, 2024) and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (from 2nd to 5th October, 2024).

October 5, 2024

Kotor, Montenegro and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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CPN - Center for the Promotion of Science

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