Webinar: UK climate services standards and value

The first Climateurope2 webinar is organised with the project UK climate services standards and value to learn from their experience.


The climate services standard/guidance that has been developed in the JBA-led project Climate services standards and value has evolved through widespread consultation over nearly two years. Its lead authors are members of Climate Sense who have experience in developing ISO14090 and other standards. A climate services standard/guidance has the following benefits:

  • Build confidence and trust in the services that are being provided and can be used
  • Encourage climate service providers to improve the quality of their services, by striving for demonstrable good practice
  • Improve the transparency of climate service products and procedures
  • Increase the accountability of climate service providers
  • Provide a benchmark for climate services, aiming to reduce the prevalence or use of services which do not meet this standard
  • Help connect decisions and their implementation with the most appropriate climate services and/or products
  • Support providers who are not comfortable offering a user-requested climate service, though could offer alternatives that better align with the standard principles
  • Support ethical considerations such as equitable access and integrity of climate services

Presenter: Murray Dale (JBA Consulting)

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November 3, 2022

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