By Editor

The Climateurope2 team joined EGU24, one of the leading events in the field of geosciences in Europe, organised in Vienna from 14 to 19 April 2024. The annual conference of the European Geosciences brought together more than 19.000 delegates from more than 100 countries, expanding the borders of science and discussions far beyond Europe. The event is an extremely helpful forum for project showcasing and for networking.

Climateurope2 was presented in an education and outreach session titled “Telling Climate stories: platforms, tools, and methodologies for accurate and engaging science communication”, with a poster featuring the cartoon designed by the project team within its communication and dissemination activities. The cartoon brings an example of the co-production process of climate services in the health sector, as a process ensuring that the users’ perspectives and needs are integrated in the service, enhancing its quality and making it fit-for-purpose. The cartoon was designed to raise awareness about the importance of climate services among a broader audience, providing tangible examples of how they are relevant in our daily life.

The feedback from the attendees of the conference about the poster was very positive, thanks to its catchy design and interesting topics, in the framework of many other initiatives aiming at bridging the gap between science and society.