By Inés Martin

The Climateurope2 project marks its first year with the launch of its first newsletter. In this brief recap, Francisco Dobles-Reyes and Ángel Muñoz, leading the project’s coordination, share a few words about the efforts that have been made this year on setting the stage to:

  • contribute to the quality, legitimacy and salience of climate services both in Europe and beyond, through a set of recommendations for their standardisation;
  • identify ways to optimise the always limited resources by offering a meeting place to the climate services community;
  • increase the uptake of trustworthy climate services by those vulnerable to climate variability and change; and
  • contribute to the current climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Three key deliverables during the first 12 months of the project are the co-development of a common glossary of sectoral vocabulary, an analysis of the current landscape of initiatives and standardisation norms and approaches, and a framework for standardisation.

For a deeper dive into the project's journey so far, explore the first newsletter. The newsletter is biannual, and to keep you updated on the project we encourage you to subscribe under this link.